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Paragonx9Defcon0(FXUEMvocmix) Paragonx9Defcon0(FXUEMvocmix)

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Human Error (4min28sec) Human Error (4min28sec)

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Hello royal camera =p

This pretty cool. Very well conducted. i got to admit this song ...." Jiggles the ass"...

um, just wondering you . Do you use fl studio?

Oh well, later dude. Tell immune i say hi.


p.s.- i didnt meen anything by calling you royal camera...

AdmiralConquistador responds:


I'm guessing you're a friend of Immune's and he sent you my video... I plan on putting that up on the Flash portal soon so maybe everyone will know what you're talking about hehe. I'm glad you liked the song, and that it jiggled your ass :)

Yes I do use FL Studio, and no offense taken at all, I love the reference :)


Pyramids Pyramids

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Whats up dude.

I heard an incomplete version of this at kaizer's house. Heh, this song does spred fast. I like your cool ethnic songs, like me person favorite.. Ode to Ra -kick ass song-. Anyways... This song is super cool, im listening to it and it sounds like its getting prety intence. Cool drum parts and awsome drum n bass song. Keep up the good work dude.



synteza responds:

Man, what is up with my songs digitally travelling the world before even being finished?!

Appreciate your high regards for the song. By contrast, I see many people hate it so much that they give it a score of 0. Just kidding, I know they want their songs above mine on the charts. I'm cool with that.

Haha, I even tracked the score on my previous song, Desire's Vibes to see if there really are 0 voters. My sample was what seemed to be 5 votes. First 3 votes were 5's, since my score stayed at 5.00. The next vote was a 0, dropping my score to 5(15/20) or 3.75. Then the 5th must have been a 5, totalling my score at 20/25, or 4.00/5.00.

Sorry to use up my response to your review with all that superfluous information. Thanks again for the generous score and helpful comments.


-API- All of the World -API- All of the World

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Whats sup -API-

Yea, ive heard of this song, publicity spreads like butter on toast... Heh. But didnt b0unc3 also make parts of this? I dont know, i was just wondering, cuase thats what i heard. I dont want to mention any names. It also sounds very b0unc3 like. Kick ass song though. Really cool. Well, keep in touch.


Oh yea, um... Do you think you have any suggestions in another name i could have? I just dont like being an "evilstarfish". Kindof childish, and i just dont feel i can be taken seriously. I dont know, tell me if you think of anything. Thanks dude.


API responds:

No, B0UNC3 and I were considering doing the song together, but he just never did anything. That's all 100% my work. I'm glad you like the song. Did you check out Greenlight yet?

Thanks for the review again.


B0UNC3 - Crying soul B0UNC3 - Crying soul

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Whats up man. Heh, this song is pretty cool. I know, i still think it needs mastering. You probably do to. Cool effects. Were do you get them all? Well, this song is pretty cool. Sooo. ou know about third nut trying to change his name. I should also get a better name. To be taken more seriously =P... I mean, comon... An evilstarfish. If you have any sugestions, you think you could tell me? Well, later martin :)

Oh yea, kick ass song. Sounds cool, just like all your other stuff. Keep up the good work, ,and tell me if your getting out with a new cd. I would so want one.



DJ Karbon - Star DJ Karbon - Star

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This song is super cool. I like the whole vocal thing you got going. I looked at your public profile and it says your thirteen. Are you being serious? Your pretty freaking good for a thirteen year old. Sorry if that sounds mean, but its true. This song rules, makes me move my head back and forth on my confy chair. Hehe, this song will make the top five, no doubt. If it doesnt, id be mad.

Well, you rule. And good luck on your music making. Um keep in touch. If you wanna talk to me on msn... my email is fillall at hotmail dot com. Well, keep in touch.



Karbon responds:

Yeah, its true, i am 13. And yeah, we can get it touch. I'll message you in a minute.


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Nice work.

But you make your songs way to fast. You should take your time to make these. Well, if youve bought the full version of fl studio... Then you could save. other then that, it sounds pretty cool. Do you think you could tell me what you think of my new song?
That would be cool.


Descent Level 15 teme Descent Level 15 teme

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Whats up

This sounds pretty cool. Im not a big fan of vgm.. but its alright. This sounds pretty cool. Heh, I also have a new song. You think you could tell me what you think about it. Its rite below your song. It would be cool if you told me what you think about it. Oh yea, i downloaded your song... :)


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Waggit responds:


_Winter_ _Winter_

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this actually sounds pretty cool. Whoa... im listening to it rite now. Well there is one of tune part.. but it still rocks. Nice use of arpegiators. If you did use them. and sweet as hell drum parts.

Heh, Well all my 5 and tens bellong to you.

Check out my new song... If you want. Its also a trance song. Its called shades of a black hole.

Well good job on this song.

It reminds me of mindless self indulgence! Kick ass song...


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NG Know Me Intro&Beat byCrazy NG Know Me Intro&Beat byCrazy

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You may have chance at the top5

this song is pretty cool. I like the whole thing.Keep up the good work!Yea, i just put a new song, and i was wondering if you could tell me what you think about the song. Its called FTT(Ev!LM!X). It would be cool.