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Paragonx9Defcon0(FXUEMvocmix) Paragonx9Defcon0(FXUEMvocmix)

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Human Error (4min28sec) Human Error (4min28sec)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hello royal camera =p

This pretty cool. Very well conducted. i got to admit this song ...." Jiggles the ass"...

um, just wondering you . Do you use fl studio?

Oh well, later dude. Tell immune i say hi.


p.s.- i didnt meen anything by calling you royal camera...

AdmiralConquistador responds:


I'm guessing you're a friend of Immune's and he sent you my video... I plan on putting that up on the Flash portal soon so maybe everyone will know what you're talking about hehe. I'm glad you liked the song, and that it jiggled your ass :)

Yes I do use FL Studio, and no offense taken at all, I love the reference :)


Pyramids Pyramids

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Whats up dude.

I heard an incomplete version of this at kaizer's house. Heh, this song does spred fast. I like your cool ethnic songs, like me person favorite.. Ode to Ra -kick ass song-. Anyways... This song is super cool, im listening to it and it sounds like its getting prety intence. Cool drum parts and awsome drum n bass song. Keep up the good work dude.



synteza responds:

Man, what is up with my songs digitally travelling the world before even being finished?!

Appreciate your high regards for the song. By contrast, I see many people hate it so much that they give it a score of 0. Just kidding, I know they want their songs above mine on the charts. I'm cool with that.

Haha, I even tracked the score on my previous song, Desire's Vibes to see if there really are 0 voters. My sample was what seemed to be 5 votes. First 3 votes were 5's, since my score stayed at 5.00. The next vote was a 0, dropping my score to 5(15/20) or 3.75. Then the 5th must have been a 5, totalling my score at 20/25, or 4.00/5.00.

Sorry to use up my response to your review with all that superfluous information. Thanks again for the generous score and helpful comments.